Discover the Enchanting Helmingham Hall Gardens: A Haven of Tranquility and Artistic Splendor

Introduction: Explore the magnificent Grade 1 Listed Gardens of Helmingham Hall, immerse yourself in the Tollemache family’s fascinating 500-year history with the estate, and indulge in a thrilling lineup of events. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, a visit to these gardens promises an unforgettable day out for everyone. Open until September 28th, 2023, Helmingham Hall Gardens is a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility, featuring exquisite flora, majestic red deer, and a moated Hall in striking red brick.

Unveiling the Gardens

Timeless Charm: The allure of Helmingham Hall Gardens lies not only in its meticulously maintained grounds but also in the harmonious fusion of natural and manmade elements. A classic parterre, adorned with hybrid musk roses, greets visitors, leading to a walled kitchen garden boasting herbaceous borders and verdant vegetable beds interspersed with sweet pea tunnels, runner beans, and gourds. On the other side, a resplendent herb and knot garden awaits, followed by a magnificent rose garden of unparalleled beauty. The aesthetic choices, blending sophistication with subtlety, bear the unmistakable influence of renowned garden designer Xa Tollemache.

Art For Cure Exhibition

A Marriage of Art and Compassion: From May 2nd to September 17th, Helmingham Hall Gardens will host the Art For Cure exhibition, presented by a national breast cancer charity based in Suffolk. Over 50 sculptors will showcase their captivating works crafted from various mediums, including bronze, steel, marble, wood, and willow. Celebrated artists like Carol Peace, with her emotive bronze figures, and Paul Richardson, hailed for his gold medal-winning sculptural creations, will feature prominently. The exhibition, open every Monday to Thursday and Sunday, is included in the regular garden admission price.

Supporting Breast Cancer Research

Art For Cure’s exhibition not only mesmerizes visitors but also contributes to an essential cause. With 30% of all sculpture sales directly benefitting breast cancer research and support services in East Anglia, purchasing a piece becomes a powerful way to champion this vital cause. The sculptures, spanning a range of prices and themes, encompass kinetic, abstract, and figurative works, paying homage to beloved animals and nature’s wonders. Detailed information about the exhibition and related cultural events can be found on the Art For Cure website.

A Local Getaway at Stonham Barns Park

Extend your visit to Helmingham Hall Gardens by staying at nearby Stonham Barns Park, offering an array of lodges and static accommodations. This tranquil park provides a convenient and comfortable base, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the surrounding beauty and cultural offerings while exploring the Suffolk region.

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Escape into a world of extraordinary beauty and serenity at Helmingham Hall Gardens, where history merges seamlessly with nature’s splendor. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Art For Cure exhibition, showcasing captivating sculptures while supporting breast cancer research. Plan your visit today, revel in the enchanting gardens, and help make a lasting impact on the fight against breast cancer.

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