Colchester Zoo: Home to Over 160 Species in 60 Acres of Parkland and Lakes

Colchester Zoo is a wildlife haven, with over 160 species residing in its expansive 60-acre facility. Nestled within picturesque parkland and lakes, the zoo showcases various habitats, from the steamy abode of the Komodo Dragons to the sprawling African plain, Kingdom of the Wild. Here, visitors can observe majestic white rhinos, giraffes, ostriches, zebras, and kudus in their natural environment.

Weather-proofed Experience: Explore Even on Rainy Days

Colchester Zoo caters to all weather conditions, offering numerous undercover areas where visitors can stay warm and dry even on the wettest of days. Step into Rajang’s Forest and test your agility against an orangutan, or venture into Australian Rainbows, a tropical walkthrough aviary where you can feed rainbow lorikeets. For a cozy escape on chilly days, Worlds Apart provides the perfect retreat.

Food, Drinks, and Shopping Galore

Worried about packing a picnic? Colchester Zoo has you covered with a variety of food and drink options available on-site. Additionally, the Outpost Gift Shop offers a treasure trove of gifts and treats, ensuring you find the perfect souvenir to commemorate your day. Conveniently, the shop is accessible without having to enter the zoo grounds, making it ideal for a quick shopping trip or finding a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Conservation at the Heart of Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo is dedicated to promoting conservation both within its own operations and globally. The zoo strives to reduce its environmental impact by minimizing plastic use and incorporating sustainable palm oil products. Through conservation talks, the zoo educates the community on best practices, and many of its animals are involved in breeding programs.

Action for the Wild: Protecting Endangered Species Worldwide

Colchester Zoo’s commitment to global conservation is exemplified by its charity, Action for the Wild. Since gaining charity status in 2004, Action for the Wild has donated over £1.2 million to conservation initiatives and research. This includes supporting the UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve in South Africa. Funding for Colchester Zoo’s development and assistance to these projects is made possible by the community, through zoo visits and contributions from retail and catering sales.

A Mission to Educate and Conserve

Colchester Zoo’s mission is to provide an exceptional experience for visitors while promoting understanding and respect for animals. They achieve this through modern enclosures, participating in breeding programs, prioritizing conservation efforts for endangered species, and enhancing public understanding of wildlife welfare. The zoo contributes to field conservation programs, conducts research, and advocates for environmental care through educational programs. Furthermore, Colchester Zoo takes an active role in national and international efforts to conserve endangered species and improve animal welfare standards.

In conclusion, a visit to Colchester Zoo offers a memorable and educational experience, where visitors can appreciate the wonders of the animal kingdom while supporting vital conservation efforts.

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Colchester Zoo and Stonham Barns Park: A Perfect Pairing for Animal Adventures and Relaxation in Suffolk

Colchester Zoo and Stonham Barns Park make for an ideal combination for visitors seeking both animal encounters and a peaceful getaway. Located in close proximity to one another, these two attractions offer a unique opportunity to indulge in wildlife experiences at the zoo and unwind amidst the scenic beauty of Stonham Barns Park.

After an exhilarating day exploring the diverse habitats and magnificent creatures at Colchester Zoo, guests can retreat to the tranquility of Stonham Barns Park. Spread over extensive grounds encompassing 60 acres of parkland and lakes, this picturesque destination boasts various attractions, including an owl and bird of prey centre, a pirate adventure golf course, a vintage dodgem ride, and fishing lakes. Visitors can truly make the most of their stay by taking advantage of the park’s 9-hole golf course, exploring the teapot pottery, browsing through unique shops, or enjoying a delicious meal at the onsite restaurant and tea room.

With Stonham Barns Park conveniently located in close proximity to Colchester Zoo, visitors can easily plan a day trip to the zoo while taking advantage of comfortable accommodation options and the park’s extensive amenities. Whether it’s a family outing, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, combining a visit to Colchester Zoo with a stay at Stonham Barns Park promises an unforgettable experience, celebrating the wonders of nature and providing a well-rounded retreat for all.

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