Ferocious Battles Between The Royalists vs The Parliamentarians

Stonham Barns Park, one of Suffolk’s premier leisure, retail and holiday destinations, has staged a re-enactment show for families and history lovers from all over the region.  The new event for the venue focused on a single conflict with large numbers of re-enactors, large military displays in the arena and large camps, displaying military and civilian lifestyles. The English Civil War Show showcased the conflict fought between King Charles I and Parliament during the 1600s. The human cost of the war was devastating seeing brothers fighting brothers – Round Heads vs Royalists. At the centre of the battles were disagreements about religion and discontent over the King’s use of power. The all-action fighting groups attending included members of the Sealed Knot and English Civil War Society.
English Civil War

Muskets at the Ready! Battle scenes and camp life at Stonham Barns Park.

Said Mark Warren of Stonham Barns Park Events, ‘This historical event featured the highlights of the English Civil War, telling the story of how these events shaped our country into what it is today – a country where monarchs would never again be supreme in British politics.’ ‘The day was full of gunfire and spectacle. It was a day of foot soldiers wielding long Pike spears and muskets being used in anger!  Always popular with history enthusiasts from the region!’ There were arms and armour of the time as well as the crafts and skills of everyday people from the period. Various social and cultural activities from this period in history were featured to including ‘Have a Go’ sessions. Stonham Barns Park is a day out for all the family to suit all ages. Other activities at the leisure, retail and holiday venue include The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, Legends Sports Bar, Café 24, The Golf Centre including Adventure Golf and FootGolf, The Teapot Pottery, holiday lodges, a caravan park, camping and glamping and fishing lakes. For more information about Stonham Barns Park please contact 01449 711901 or visit www.stonhambarns.co.uk