Step into the charming world of Merrivale Model Village, where you’ll find an unforgettable experience that is interesting, entertaining, enjoyable, and above all, fun. This model village is not just your average display – it beautifully represents the English countryside in a miniature form, covering just over one acre of land. Within its borders, you’ll discover a bustling town center, a perfectly kept village inn, a farm, a traveling fair, a sports stadium, a zoo, a holiday park, a country club, a castle, and quaint cottages.

As you explore the village, you’ll be greeted with different types of models set against a scenic and attractive backdrop. This mesmerizing ambiance is achieved through the planting of several dozen deciduous trees, creating a picturesque environment.

One of the highlights of Merrivale Model Village is Williamson’s Old Penny Arcade. Reminiscent of the days when large old pennies were part of your seaside memories, this attraction allows you to relive those moments. Here, you’ll find vintage amusement machines from the Williamson collection, including One Arm Bandits, Working Models, Allwins, Strength Testers, and Fortune Tellers, just to name a few. Purchase some large old pennies and start bringing back those lovely memories as you enjoy playing over fifty machines. Don’t forget to listen to the nostalgic tunes of the “Laughing Sailor” once more.

For over 40 years, Merrivale had its own scratch-built 2½” gauge 3 rail system running through its garden. However, when the ownership changed in 2004, a search began for a suitable replacement. After extensive research and consultation, the German manufacturer LGB, known as the inventors of G scale, was chosen to supply a new railway network. With the assistance of David Pratt, a consultant to the Discovery Channel’s Garden Railway program, the plans for the new LGB Garden Railway at Merrivale Model Village started to take shape. Installation began in October 2004 and was completed by Easter 2005. The new railway became an instant hit with enthusiasts and visitors, captivating them with approximately 350 meters of 45mm G gauge track winding throughout the garden. With 28 different types and styles of locomotives, trams, novelty vehicles, and rolling stock, every visit offers a unique train-spotting experience.

Merrivale Model Village not only captivates individual visitors but has also become a favorite destination for garden and model railway societies. The village warmly welcomes larger groups and coach parties interested in train spotting or simply enjoying the beautiful garden and its charming railway.

Included in the admission price of Merrivale Model Village is a 9 Hole Crazy Golf course. Set on raised ground, it offers stunning views over the village towards the Wellington Pier. This traditional mini-golf experience promises fun for the whole family and is the perfect way to round off your visit.

The story of Merrivale began in 1961 when, after a year of hard work, the Dobbins family’s dream and creation came to life. Following the success of the Land of the Little People model village in Southport in 1956, Merrivale became their second creation. Subsequently, the famous Babbacombe model village in Torquay opened in 1963. The Dobbins family ran the Great Yarmouth Model Village until the early 1980s before selling it to a local amusement family who operated it until 2004. Peter and Shirley Williamson then took on the monumental task of reviving the neglected and run-down village. After much hard work and investment, Merrivale Model Village emerged as one of Great Yarmouth’s most beloved family seafront attractions. In 2017, Frank and Frances Newsome took over the ownership and ran the village until 2021 when the renowned artist ‘Banksy’ left his mark by scrawling the words “Go Big or Go Home” on a miniature thatched stable. This piece was later sold at auction for £800,000. The Newsomes then sold the village in April 2022 to the current owners, Dean and Sophi, who have wasted no time in making changes and refurbishments. They are determined to breathe new life into the village and make it a fresh and exciting experience for visitors of all ages, from kids to grandparents.

So, come and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Merrivale Model Village. Whether it’s exploring the meticulously crafted models, reliving nostalgic moments at the old penny arcade, watching trains glide through the garden, or enjoying a game of Crazy Golf, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and create lasting memories. Plan your visit today and discover why Merrivale Model Village has been captivating hearts for over 62 years.

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