The birth of Laxfield & District Museum can be traced back to the annual parish meeting held in 1971. In an effort to encourage attendance, residents were asked to bring something old to an exhibition at the village hall. Little did they know that this would be the catalyst for the creation of a permanent museum. The exhibition proved to be a huge success, with numerous intriguing articles on display, leading to its extension for several days.

As the collection continued to grow, it soon became apparent that a larger space was needed to house the museum’s treasures. The top floor of the fifteenth-century Guildhall was chosen as the perfect location to showcase the historical artifacts. Stepping into the museum, visitors are transported back in time, surrounded by early twentieth-century shop interiors, captivating window displays, fascinating artifacts, and authentic costumes.

The museum prides itself on offering a comprehensive glimpse into the domestic life of the early twentieth century. Visitors can explore the various facets of rural life in Suffolk, gaining insight into farming practices, and discovering local “field finds,” including fossils that uncover the region’s geological history. Moreover, the museum features a special exhibition, changed annually, displayed in the Marchant Room, providing an ever-changing experience for returning visitors.

While regular weekend openings in the spring and summer ensure that visitors have ample opportunities to explore the museum, Laxfield & District Museum also employs an active outreach program. This program seeks to engage with the wider community, including schools, to share the rich history and educate future generations. The museum firmly believes in the importance of preserving knowledge and heritage.

Looking ahead, the museum is preparing for the eagerly anticipated 2023 season, which will commence on Good Friday from 2-5 pm. Throughout the season, it will be open every Saturday, Sunday, and Bank Holiday until the end of October, providing plenty of opportunities for individuals to immerse themselves in history. In addition, the museum will also open on select community market mornings, allowing locals and visitors to explore the exhibits while enjoying the bustling market atmosphere.

To enhance accessibility for all, the museum is actively seeking ways to make information and visual content more readily available to those unable to climb the ancient stairway to the museum. Further details can be found in the “WHEN? & ACCESS” section of the museum’s website.

Laxfield & District Museum has received widespread acclaim, with visitors expressing their awe at the remarkable collection and its beautiful presentation. One visitor, S.T., described the museum as “a super museum, with wonderful items that are beautifully displayed and explained.” The museum’s commitment to preserving history and captivating visitors is evident in every aspect of its operation.

For those interested in supporting the museum’s endeavors, Laxfield & District Museum is a registered charity (Charity Number: 1186030). Donations and contributions help ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy and learn from this invaluable treasure trove of history.

To learn more about Laxfield & District Museum, its exhibits, opening times, and outreach programs, please visit their website or contact them at the following details:

Laxfield and District Museum CIO, The Guildhall, Laxfield, Suffolk IP13 8DU Email: [email protected] Telephone: 07925 840 120 Web:

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