Pemberton Abingdon 2023 Lodge is a new addition to the highly regarded Pemberton range of lodges. It offers a luxurious and cosy living space for families to enjoy their holidays or for those looking for a permanent residence. The Abingdon Lodge makes a statement with its elegant design, a rich blend of fabrics, and attention to detail, making it a perfect choice of accommodation.

The Abingdon Lodge offers a spacious interior with a range of features and amenities to provide the perfect home away from home experience. The master bedroom is a standout feature, with a plank effect accent wall and striking wall lights that create an inviting and warm ambience. The Abingdon Lodge also boasts a larger 3-bedroom model and single hallway access to a shower room, which maximizes space and allows for more efficient usage.

The French doors opening onto the front elevation create a light and spacious atmosphere and are perfect for enjoying the surrounding nature. Inside, the Abingdon Lodge includes plumbing for a dishwasher and washer/dryer, an integrated microwave, fridge/freezer, and cooker with a separate oven and grill. The gas combi central heating system with thermostatic radiator valves ensures that the lodge remains cosy and comfortable throughout the year.

The downlit fireplace with an electric stove adds charm and elegance to the living space, creating a cosy atmosphere on chilly evenings. The large sofa with 2 accent wing chairs and a contrasting footstool offer comfortable and elegant seating options.

The Abingdon Lodge features a 5ft bed in the master bedroom, PVCu double glazing with French doors for natural light and energy efficiency, and en-suite facilities in 40ft 3 bed and 42ft 2 bed models. The lodge is a perfect choice for families looking for a luxurious and comfortable lodge with a range of amenities.

Overall, the Pemberton Abingdon 2023 Lodge is an exceptional lodge with a blend of style and comfort that will make any family feel at home. The attention to detail and range of features proves that this is the best Abingdon range yet and a perfect addition to the Pemberton range of lodges. The Abingdon Lodge is a sound and long-lasting investment that will enhance any living or holidaying experience.