Everyday can feel like a holiday with holiday lodge ownership without the maintenance of traditional holiday homes.

People often splash out on a holiday home in the countryside or close to the coast when they come into some money.  Sometimes an inheritance makes it all possible. Cambridgeshire’s holiday parks offer a variety of beautiful settings for a holiday home and holiday lodges are still tempting buyers even with the onset of Autumn.

Pisces Country Park, located in Welney on the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk border, has seen more people choosing to buy a holiday lodge following a stay at the country park and its adjoining venue Acorn Holiday Park.  It is because holiday visitors and people from the locality are choosing to buy a holiday home to get back to nature for short holiday breaks. The holiday parks have four abundantly stocked fishing lakes – and so are popular as fishing destinations.  And their popularity is on the rise as holiday lodge ownership comes without the maintenance of traditional holiday homes.

Says Nick Church from Pisces Country Park, ‘It’s true that there is still a healthy interest in holiday homes even though we are approaching the autumn and winter seasons as one of the advantages of buying a holiday lodge is that they are ready for owners to use – 12 months of the year.  There is hardly any maintenance to do and so breaks are more about creating memories than tackling repairs or updates to the property.’

‘Lodges are also less in terms of investment at the outset and so are often a more stress-free purchase.’

‘They are definitely becoming one of the most preferred routes to holiday home and buy to let ownership.’

Holiday lodge ownership is also described as a route to more responsible home ownership. Those who live in cities have been increasingly looking at the options for holiday homes in the country to escape from the pressures of urban life.  Second home buyers can push house prices up in certain locations – with young people priced out of the market – and can therefore change the balance of a community, whereas holiday lodge ownership does not usually adversely affect the local population.

Pisces Country Park and Acorn Holiday Park are situated on a 20-acre site featuring beautifully landscaped lawns, shrubs and wooded areas. They are the ideal location for those who enjoy peace and tranquillity and above all getting away from busy everyday life.  The parks have become the destinations of choice for people from all over the UK since staycations have enjoyed a surge in popularity. Concludes Nick Church at Pisces Country Park, ‘Autumn is the ideal time for people to look into a holiday home purchase as the countryside is there to enjoy all year. It’s the ideal base for touring the beauty spots of East Anglia and for anglers the fishing here can be enjoyed during each and every season.’

‘Lodges cost less than you would expect to purchase but the benefit they bring families is priceless.  A place to escape to whenever you need some family time.  We are expecting visitors will be impressed with what’s on offer as these holiday homes offer outstanding value for money – and that’s key to any purchase with the rise in the cost of living.’

‘People do still want to enjoy time with families and so many are joining the growing number of holiday home owners in the UK.’

Established in the 1940s as a tench fishery, Pisces Country Park has three lakes heavily stocked with carp, pike, tench, roach and bream.  It has won the David Bellamy Conservation Gold Awards for countryside achievement and been recommended by some of the country’s most famous anglers – including Bob Nudd MBE who is now angling ambassador for the park.

The parks were acquired by its current owners in 2019 and 2020 since then significant investment has been made in the facilities there.  The holiday home accommodation on offer is being updated with many new units being added to replace older stock; at the same time as improvements are being made to the parks’ infrastructures and specialist conservation work is being continued to enhance the grounds and lakes.

Speaking about the recent success with increased demand for short breaks and the purchase of holiday lodges at the two sites, Paul Stanton said: ‘People are enjoying countryside breaks again – more than ever before – and rentals can be the route to purchasing a holiday home. 

Some buyers are looking to invest some money maybe from the sale of an asset, lottery win or inheritance.  It’s all about time with family and friends.’

‘Fishing is one of the UK’s largest participation sports and it is great for mindfulness and health.  Getting out into nature is clearly what people want, to live a more fulfilled life, so we are seeing more visitors than usual and more people wanting to invest in a holiday home so that they have somewhere to go at the weekends.’

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