top UK country singer with a huge UK following is set to entertain

Stonham Barns Park – one of Suffolk’s premier leisure, retail and holiday destinations – is set for a mega music date – Saturday 7 October – with a concert featuring one of the UK’s most revered country music artists Henry Smith who battles a disorder that can prevent him speaking.

The fact that he’s back singing is nothing short of phenomenal.  He is one of the most influential country singers in the UK and Europe with his blend of traditional and contemporary country music.  It’s a miracle that he’s able to talk – with Spasmodic Dystonia – let alone sing so beautifully.

Henry has sung all over the UK, he’s travelled to Europe and parts of the USA with his band, and he has a huge and dedicated following of country music fans.

In 2017, Henry first noticed a problem with his voice as he was not able to hit some of the notes while he was on stage singing, this then progressed to the odd word that just would not come out of his mouth.  Soon talking then became a problem. It was a real strain to talk and then his voice just went completely. Then followed many devastating years for Henry not being able to do what he loved best, entertaining people with his singing, telling his witty jokes and talking to his fans.

Henry recieved treatment via the NHS – he’s been hypnotised and sent for botox injections on both sides of the larynx.  The success was short lived. Not being able to talk and sing has taken its toll on Henry, without being able to entertain or just talk to friends and family, he felt nothing but despair. His family, friends and fans were supporting him, but they all felt helpless as they could not help him with getting his voice back ……or so they thought!

One day (12 months ago – 2022) he woke up and his voice made a sound! After careful progress, many months later, Henry was back singing. It was a miracle and what a voice he has.

Speaking about the concert, Janice Rowles of Stonham Barns Park said: ‘We are beyond excited to be hosting this event at Stonham Barns Park.  Henry Smith is such a talent and such a personality to have battled this challenge head on and won.  It is such an honour to have him join us for an evening.’

‘We have always showcased country music here and are planning to develop this offering further into 2024.’

‘Bookings are coming in fast and so we would advise anyone interested to book early to avoid disappointment.’

Country fans can witness this amazing man singing his favourite songs at The Barn at Stonham Barns Park as he continues to celebrate his recovery. 

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