Discover the Breathtaking Suffolk Landscape and Coastline on your Next Cycling Adventure


Suffolk is a hidden gem nestled in the east of England, offering a stunning landscape and picturesque coastline for visitors to explore. If you’re planning your next holiday in Suffolk, why not bring your bicycles and embark on an unforgettable adventure through the gentle undulating hills and charming villages? With its extensive network of cycle routes, forest tracks, and country lanes, Suffolk is a cyclist’s dream. Read on to discover why cycling is the perfect way to experience the beauty of Suffolk’s landscape and coastline.

Explore the Suffolk Coastal Cycle Route

One of the most renowned cycling routes in Suffolk is the Suffolk Coastal Cycle Route, a captivating 88-mile circular route that showcases the very best of this scenic region. Whether you’re an avid cyclist looking for a challenge or prefer a leisurely pace, this route offers something for everyone. Embark on the entire circular journey or opt to explore specific sections – the choice is yours.

Immerse yourself in the coastal charm

As you cycle along the Suffolk Coastal Cycle Route, be prepared to be enchanted by the breathtaking coastal villages that grace the shoreline. Visit Dunwich, famed for its ancient history and beautiful beach, or venture to Walberswick known for its idyllic beach huts and tranquil coastal walks. These charming villages provide the perfect backdrop for a leisurely cycle, complete with opportunities to stop at quaint cafes and pubs along the way, ensuring you can refuel and relax as you enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Dive into Suffolk’s Natural Beauty

Beyond the stunning coastline, Suffolk offers an abundance of natural beauty. The county’s bridleways and forest tracks allow cyclists to delve into its inland treasures, passing through undisturbed woodlands and tranquil meadows. Connect to the Halesworth Wheel Cycle Route, which meanders through the picturesque countryside and explore the market towns of Framlingham and Woodbridge. Experience the true essence of Suffolk as you pedal through its unspoiled landscapes.

Why Cycling is Ideal for Everyone

Suffolk offers a cyclist-friendly environment that caters to all interests and fitness levels. For those seeking a leisurely experience, cycling along quiet country lanes presents the perfect opportunity to soak in the peaceful surroundings. With little traffic to contend with, it feels as though you have the entire place to yourself. Cafés and pubs along the way warmly welcome cyclists, offering delightful spots to take a break and indulge in local delicacies.

Embrace the Joy of Cycling

Cycling in Suffolk is not just about the physical exercise; it’s about immersing yourself in the beauty of nature and discovering the hidden wonders of this captivating county. The absence of hills allows cyclists to navigate effortlessly through the landscape, savoring every moment of their journey. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a novice looking for a new adventure, Suffolk offers an invigorating and unforgettable cycling experience.


Bringing your bicycles to Suffolk for your next coastal lodge or static holiday break opens up a world of possibilities. From the gentle undulating landscape to the beautiful coastline and charming villages, Suffolk has it all. Embark on the legendary Suffolk Coastal Cycle Route, explore the bridleways and forest tracks, or simply glide along quiet country lanes. It’s time to unlock the hidden secrets of Suffolk on two wheels and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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