An increasing demand for ‘vintage touches’ for home and garden makeovers is driving the further expansion of the antiques businesses in Suffolk

Aspal Antiques at Stonham Barns Park – Suffolk’s premier leisure, retail and holiday destination in Suffolk – is putting on its first ever antiques fair to showcase antiques, collectables, retro, vintage, vinyl and other historical items.

The all-new Aspal Antiques Fair feature a huge range of established and start up traders from the antiques sector in the region and it is expected to draw interest from buyers across Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Aspal Antiques Show 2

Aspal Antiques – which also operates Aspal Emporium Antiques Centre as well as Aspal Reclamations – is run by two enterprising couples Alan Knight and Henrietta Lewis, and Wendy and Alf Faulkner who consolidated the business during the lockdowns as a result of the boom in antiques collecting and property make-overs.  The business has played host to Drew Pritchard from the TV Series Salvage Hunters who described Aspal Antiques as a ‘Real breath of fresh air with products of undeniable quality which are highly affordable.’  The retailer has also had a visit from Mark Hill, presenter from the Antiques Road Trip.

‘The show will bring an abundance of choice to buyers from the area’, says Alan Knight.  ‘We know that it will work well at Stonham Barns Park’s 140-acre leisure venue which is now well established as an antiques hub for the region.’

‘We have seen a resurgence of interest in everything from Bo-Ho to Victoriana and people do want quality for sustainability purposes.  Something with history will keep its looks and outlast many of its modern counterpart home décor items.  Antiques were built to last and so vintage means long lasting, and of course it comes with the flare and style that the master crafters included in their work.’

Antique pieces are often re-used or up cycled to become a new item of furniture.  It might be that they are incorporated into a table or lampshade or simply painted in a new earthy or bold and vibrant colour.  Antiques are hugely flexible, and items made from oak, cotton, rattan, wicker and metal, sit comfortably side by side in many homes up and down the country.

Adds Henrietta, ‘People have always had a passion for antiques and today the draw to statement pieces is still as strong as ever.  It’s what tops off any house makeover with drama – traditional or contemporary – as people just love having objects of beauty surrounding them that make them happy.’

‘Everyone wants an interesting touch and a pop or two of colour. People are enjoying spending time searching out antique and vintage items as the current trend for repurposing grows ever more popular.’

‘It will be the ultimate show for visitors who want to search out some vintage objects to give as gifts or to enhance their homes, gardens and businesses premises.’

‘This show will give our buyers the best possible range of antiques and collectables available in mid-Suffolk.  Add to this the garden architectural items and you have everything you need to ‘top out’ any interior or exterior setting.’

‘We say let’s get our properties and businesses properly dressed up for 2024!’

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