Captivating Circus Cortex Brings Brand New Show to Stonham Barns Park

Step on Up – The ‘Golden Age’ of Entertainment comes to Suffolk

The entertainment phenomenon that is Circus Cortex is heading to Stonham Barns Park in Suffolk from 15-19 August to bring a brand new and exciting extravaganza to those who love a visit to the big top.

The new show ‘Golden Age’ is touring the UK now following on from the success of the previous spectacular show ‘Masquerade’ which thrilled crowds up and down the country.  The performance focuses on the dazzling era of show-business which followed on from the end of the first world war when showbusiness was buzzing – from cinema to theatre.  Musical numbers, swoon worthy romances and drama were the focus of entertainment when everyone was celebrating their newfound freedoms.

Through the art of circus – the mainly Ukrainian performers – will transport the audience back in time to the glitz and glamour of the time.  There will be breathtaking stunts, pulse racing action and, of course, lots of clowning around.  

The show’s Director and Producer is Irina Archer who started as a professional gymnast competing around the world before joining global shows and companies including ‘Releve’, ‘Tihany’ and ‘Ringling Brothers’ and ‘Barnum & Bailey.  On returning to the UK, she worked as an agent for large circuses before launching Circus Cortex.

Says Irina, ‘Circus Cortex has earned an enviable reputation as a top Cirque.’

‘Anyone who has been to a performance will know that it’s an immersive experience where the performers go all out to put on an extravaganza that the audience will never forget.’

‘We are blessed with stunning performers from the Ukraine who are among the best entertainers in the world – and the cast we have are working in overdrive to bring the most immaculate shows to the audiences of the UK to show their gratitude for the support they have been shown over the past two years.’

‘Behind every performer is a story and this makes the energy and enthusiasm they deliver to the audience all the more incredible.  They have such exemplary standards and excel in bringing the awe and wonder to audiences everywhere.’

Adds Josh Forward of Stonham Barns Park Events Team, ‘We are honoured to be hosting Circus Cortex this summer for the new Golden Age show.  It will be glitz and glamour and stunts and laughter – the perfect trip out for families from Suffolk and beyond.’

‘We are expecting the very best in costumes, stunts and laughter – mixed with individual performances that will make family memories that will last forever.  After all we all know the circus is the Greatest Show on Earth!’

There will be two performances a day with prices starting at £10 for the first day of the show.

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