British citizens are leaving Spain due to the recent immigration rules and aftermath of Brexit. Since March 2021, Spanish immigration laws have changed, making it compulsory for any expats wishing to reside in Spain to have a monthly income of £2,000. For families, an additional £500 of monthly income for each family member must be shown. This new law has left British citizens who have retired in Spain with a challenging problem. Most British retirees in Spain no longer meet the monthly income requirement, causing them to consider selling up and heading back to the UK.

Moreover, Brexit has exacerbated the situation. UK citizens are now only allowed to visit Spain for up to three months without a visa for tourism and business purposes. This restriction has led to an increase in British expats contemplating leaving Spain. “A lot of retired British people are starting to sell up. They used to come down here in September or October and then stay until April/May for the six months of better weather,” said Robert Barnhardt, a property expert to the Express. “But now they can only come for 90 days and also a lot of them used to drive down. People are considering buying a UK holiday home for the time away from Spain.”

The new immigration rule has been implemented to regulate immigration, keep tabs on foreign nationals’ incomes, and prevent them from being a social burden on Spain. But, these rules have created a challenging situation for British citizens who have been residing in Spain for an extended period, causing many to look at alternative options.

In conclusion, the new immigration rule and Brexit have led British citizens in Spain to reassess their living arrangements. Many have found the restricted time allowance and difficult income requirements too challenging to stay permanently. As a result, they are now looking at alternative options, such as UK holiday homes, to spend their time away from Spain.